An Organized Life Just an App Away!

coziEureka! Cozi, has eliminated “What for dinner?” in our house! It’s so great, it’s worth sharing!

One app does it all! Meal planner, calendar, family planner, shopping list and to do’s…Shareable among multiple users. I’ve been on the hunt for a “mommy” app that I can use to manage menus, grocery lists, to do lists, and each of our schedules. Finally, I found it! COZI! I am a raving fan!

You can import all of your google calendars and even shutterfly calendars (which are so popular with classes and team sports!) See your schedule, itinerary style to budget your time. You can add your recipes to it, schedule your meals on your calendar and automatically create grocery lists from it. Best of all, every one of your family members can see what you see, so everyone is in the know.

It’s free!