Transitioning to Barefoot / Minimal Footwear

Yeah! You are making the switch and are so excited that you are ready to go! But, before you take one barefoot step, read this! Transitioning to barefoot or minimal footwear for running, other workouts or everyday wear should be performed progressively and with awareness. Tendons, ligaments, muscles, bones and skin all must adapt. Building up strength slowly will prevent undue stress and injury. Continue reading

Vibram, Sole Leader, Partners with New Balance

Five Fingers, shoes with individual toe pockets, as they call them, which, among many benefits, create a more natural stance, increase proprioception, balance and strength in feet, calves and lower legs. And, now, the same sole technology used in FiveFingers, is offered in a New Balance shoe- the look of a traditional sneaker, and the feel of minimal footwear. Love the concept! Continue reading