Rules to Live By When Running on a Track

Whether you are a beginner or advanced runner, what Cliff Temple calls the “Golden Rules of the Track” in the New York Road Runner’s Complete Book of Running and Fitness (an outstanding book, by the way), are a great introduction and reminder to proper track etiquette.

As a runner and a trainer, I think that the integration of track training is essential to understanding and improving your performance. The track offers controlled conditions, with exact distances so a runner can establish a baseline and set benchmarks of improvement as training progresses. And, the track is the best environment for interval training, Continue reading

Farm Fresh Family FUN

Yesterday proved to be a great day for a family outdoor adventure! With a few afternoon hours free, we packed a small picnic and trekked up highway 50 to check out the family farms on the WEST route  of the El Dorado County Farm Trail.  We believe in sustainable farming, and buying local, organic produce as much as we can. It’s important to buy quality food that provides the proper nutrients to our bodies eliminating need for supplements, and equally important to support our local farmer’s so they can prosper and continue providing us with their wonderful produce. Most weekends we walk to the Farmer’s Market, re-usable bags in hand, but this weekend, we decided to experience where the food actually comes from and meet the people that make it for us. Continue reading