Rules to Live By When Running on a Track

Whether you are a beginner or advanced runner, what Cliff Temple calls the “Golden Rules of the Track” in the New York Road Runner’s Complete Book of Running and Fitness (an outstanding book, by the way), are a great introduction and reminder to proper track etiquette.

As a runner and a trainer, I think that the integration of track training is essential to understanding and improving your performance. The track offers controlled conditions, with exact distances so a runner can establish a baseline and set benchmarks of improvement as training progresses. And, the track is the best environment for interval training, Continue reading

Transitioning to Barefoot / Minimal Footwear

Yeah! You are making the switch and are so excited that you are ready to go! But, before you take one barefoot step, read this! Transitioning to barefoot or minimal footwear for running, other workouts or everyday wear should be performed progressively and with awareness. Tendons, ligaments, muscles, bones and skin all must adapt. Building up strength slowly will prevent undue stress and injury. Continue reading