How to Eat Healthy Grocery Shopping at Trader Joe’s


TJ has extraordinary produce and they have options that take the prep work out of the cooking. There is a variety of vegetable medleys fresh and frozen, and an array of bag salads and salad kits. Fruits can be purchased already chopped. Meats come pre-marinated or seasoned and packaged in just the right size. There are jars of delicious sauces and condiments. All of this makes putting together a flavorful, healthy meal a speedy affair.

Like shopping anywhere, you have to read every nutritional labels before you throw the item in your basket. You can’t think that just because something is made from fresh ingredients that it’s good for you. As an example, not all salsa sitting on the shelf side by side in the refrigerated section are equal. Just because it is fresh doesn’t mean that it is low-sodium or sugar free. We turn over every jar, can and package and we’re continually surprised by the variances in the same foods, with similar ingredients that sit side by side one another on the shelf. It is this way with all foods.

I scoured the shelves, checking out every product in our neighborhood Trader Joe’s. I flipped each product over to read the ingredients and nutritional values, and created a list that would stock my pantry.

Here’s a video tour of the awesome foods at Trader Joe’s that stock my pantry. Continue reading

5 Fast & Easy Weeknight Dinners with Grocery List

A complete week’s, paleo friendly, meal plan with 5 fast & easy weeknight dinners. We’ve included a  complete grocery list to make all 5 dinners for 4 servings.

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