Where to Find Almond & Coconut Milk

Almond-CoconutMilk-TJAre you a fan of Almond milk and Coconut milk? Both are Paleo, Vegan and Dairy Free. All around, they are a healthful alternative to milk from cows. Trader Joe’s, in our neighborhood, has the best selection and prices of Almond milk and Coconut milk, compared to our local stores.  In our shopping radius, we have a Winco, Safeway, Raleys, Smart & Final Extra!, Grocery Outlet, Costco, Walmart Neighborhood Market and Trader Joe’s of course. 

Trader Joe’s has 4 shelves of alternatives to milk, 2 1/2 being dedicated to Almond Milk. They have plain, vanilla sweetened and unsweetened Almond Milk, as well as Chocolate Almond Milk. They also have their own brand of Almond Milk, which is not only 40 cents cheaper, but has a slight creamier taste than Almond Breeze. Our kids love it and prefer it to Almond Breeze!

TJ has a wide assortment of Almond Milk.

They also carry Coconut Milk Beverage in the same section as the Almond Milk. This product is a thinner variety of the canned Coconut Milk found in the canned food aisle. It is excellent for coffee and cereal, and as a general replacement for milk.


Canned Coconut Milk, in it’s rich creaminess can be whipped into vegan, gluten free, paleo whip cream and used just as you would milk cream.