30 Day Challenge


Need to get moving towards your weight loss or better body goals? This 30 Day Challenge will help you get there and stay motivated!

The group is coached by 3 friends who are personal trainers and pro coaches who can help you get where you want to be and stay there! You'll receive inspiration on exercises and nutrition, accountability, expert guidance, the support you need to get through challenges in a community atmosphere and the celebration of your successes. It’s still up to you to do what you have to do to get there, but you’ll have a support system, guidance, and a 30 Day timeframe (which helps some stay motivated.)

It’s FREE! We’re not joking. It is totally free. We’re here to inspire you to wellness, and your participation and support for each other will assist you in achieving your goals.

You don’t have to go anywhere! It’s all online through this FREE facebook 30 Day Challenge Event. Invite your friends to A Healthier You! and they can join the event, too!

More than weight loss! You don’t have to have the goal of weight loss. The 30 Day Challenge can be performance, athleticism, wellness, mindfulness..any healthful goal. Use the next 30 Days to get yourself on track.

Join now and spread the invitation to get started!

Join the Upcoming Challenge!

June 20, 2016 - July 19, 2016
Only on Facebook through A Healthier You {online} 

Starting July 20, A Healthier You will be kicking off a 30 Day Weight Loss Challenge!

RSVP REQUIRED- 30 Day Challenge is hosted through a private Facebook group, A Healthier You. Email smoothmoto@gmail.com to request an invitation to join the 30 Day Challenge Event!


“I lost 9 lbs in 30 Days, more than my goal. My original goal was to lose 5% of my weight. Thanks to “A Healthier You” I stayed focused and interested in my goal.”