Speed Club- Youth Athletic Performance

join the smooth moto speed club youth sports performance training

Join the Smooth Moto Speed Club youth sports performance training

One of the keys to a successful season is performance training on and off-season, for conditioning and strength training. That is what this strength and conditioning opportunity geared towards your young athlete is all about.

The Speed Club - Sports Performance Training is geared at utilization of body weight for resistance and strength versus lifting weights. Travis Grosjean, certified Sports Performance Coach, will be teaching your athletes proper form, agility and speed drills that will prepare them for the season and enable them to maximize their natural talents and translate them to the field, making the transition from vacation to athletic season seamless. Learn more about Travis’ approach, philosophy and training programs.


Speed Club - Sports Performance Training

  • 60 minute sessions
  • Conditioning
  • Agility drills
  • Age-appropriate strength training
  • Core strength and balance
  • Outdoor field training

 Sold in 5 session packs. 5 sessions $100*. Sessions are based on attendance. If you don’t come, it doesn’t count against you. *price based upon # of participants.

Training is held at El Camino High School

Currently the Speed Club meets every Sunday at 2:30 pm

Sign up by contacting TRAVIS at smoothmoto@gmail.com or 916-595-3329

“Prior to working with Travis, my son ran like a rhinoceros. After two sessions we could already see his mechanics improving. Now, we can actually call him fast.” ~Cathy

“Our son, Garret, is a very active and sportsminded twelve year old and we feel blessed to have found Travis as a trainer. Travis has been a trainer and a role model. We've have seen an increase in core strength, speed and agility. In his sports this change is seen in distance he kicks a soccer ball, distance for "throw-ins", body control when driving to the basket in basketball, and a decrease in personal bests in cross country. Travis has been able to relate to us as Garret's parents and supports our ideas and philosophies in the area of sports, fitness and nutrition. He is able to talk to Garret as a twelve year old and as an athlete and to us as parents. We always feel like we are on the same page. It really is a two-way street with everyone having Garret's best interest at heart. Thanks Travis! “ -Laura