Training Plan Design

Personalized Training Plan Development is a great option for you!

Wanna kick your workout up a notch, or get to a new goal like a marathon or triathlon but don’t know how to get there? Or, maybe you meet with a certified personal trainer regularly, but would like your program written out for every workout.


One name, many meanings. Define it for yourself.

Looking for a Distance Training Program, Online Training, a Weight-Loss Exercise Program, a Running Plan, an Athletic Endurance & Performance and Race Plan Development, or a Triathlon Training Program?

For us, this same service is all under one name: Personalized Training Plan Development.

Why? Because each individual is unique, with a unique set of needs which results in a unique blend of services created specifically for that combination, so instead of listing each and every name, we call it Personal Training Plan Development!

Be sure to check out our Trainer’s qualifications when comparing our service to others- all of our trainers maintain degrees in health and fitness, are certified by gold-standard certifications and have additional advanced certifications, coaching credentials and experience. Call us to discuss exactly what you are looking for, and we would be more than happy to discuss which options we would recommend for your situation and goals!


Personalized Training Plan Development Includes

An initial consultation, goal setting, baseline regular measurements, four weekly workout programs, continuous education on exercises, form and technique, nutritional guidance, unlimited communication* and online training & assessment tools.

We use communication tools that are easily available and no additional cost** to you, including Skype, Google, YouTube, Facebook, email, phone, text and more.

Having your Personalized Training Plan is like having your certified personal trainer with you everywhere! Whether you are on vacation, traveling for business, or working out in between your training session, you’ll have a professional workout sure to make you sweat and it’ll be FUN! Personalized Training Plan Development is flexible; purchase it alone or easily combine it with Smooth Moto Personal Training services and other Smooth Moto services for a complete wellness package.


Personalized Training Plan Development $130 for 4 weekly plans

*Unlimited communication methods include any combination of phone, text, email and/or Skype.
**Standard text and phone rates may apply.