Success Stories


Track & Field Hurdler / Sports Performance

My name is Kevin and I am an 18 year old track & field hurdler from Granite Bay High that will be competing for California Polytechnic State University (CalPoly) this Spring. Travis has been my trainer, mentor, coach and friend for over a year now, and I cannot be more pleased with what we have accomplished together. When I first met Travis, he sat down and asked me what my goals were; this entire year we have worked tenaciously to enhance my speed, power, and strength. To put it lightly, I have improved in leaps and bounds. Receiving track recruitment letters from schools like the Merchant Marine Academy and the University of Pennsylvania, I started achieving athletic success that I would have never imagined I could achieve. At one point, I was the 18th ranked high school hurdler in the State of California. I would like to thank Travis for these achievements because without his motivation, knowledge, and dedication as a trainer, this would not have been possible. I recommend Travis to anyone looking to improve as an athlete in any sport.


Parent / Sports Performance

Our son, is a very active and sports-minded twelve year old and we feel blessed to have found Travis as a trainer. Travis has been a trainer and even a role model for our son for about six months. We have seen an increase in core strength, speed and agility. In his sports this change is seen in distance he kicks a soccer ball, distance for "throw-ins", body control when driving to the basket in basketball, and a decrease in personal bests in cross country. To make sure we aren't being the "pushy" parents and this is something our son wants to do he is responsible for scheduling and rescheduling sessions. He realizes the benefit of the sessions and Travis was usually one of the first people he would call whenever he PR'd in cross country. Travis has been able to relate to us as parents and supports our ideas and philosophies in the area of sports, fitness and nutrition. He is able to talk to our son as a twelve year old and as an athlete and to us as parents. We always feel like we are on the same page. If there were any concerns we feel as if we could approach Travis. It really is a two-way street with everyone having our son's best interest at heart. Thanks Travis!  ~Laura

Travis has been training him for a period of 4 years. He is now in high school, plays multiple sports, of which he is team captain of his soccer team.


Soccer / Duo Training / Small Group

I've been working out with Travis for approximately 4 years. I don't like working out. I do it because I'm supposed to. Travis always turns my un-motivated attitude around and I'm always pleased I attend our sessions when I'm done. My mom and I are trained by Travis together at the same time. We have very different needs and goals and I have never felt held back by my workout because of her injuries/limitations. Similarly, my mom has never felt frustrated at trying to keep up with me. That's due to Travis' ability to differentiate our workouts to target our individual needs. He's a true professional with years of experience!

Lumi & David

Mountaineers / Sports Performance / Duo Training

Getting to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro was really quite easy, all because of your expert training! Thanks for making us strong and getting us prepared to climb a 19,000 foot mountain.~David

Just came back from our Kilimanjaro trip. We made it! All the way to the top! The trek to the summit was magnificent and spectacular. At 19,341 ft (5,895 meters) above the sea level, Kilimanjaro is Africa's highest peak and the world's highest free-standing mountain. We spent several days on the mountain, slowly going up, getting acclimatized to the high altitude; luckily we had no issues with the thin air. The ascent of the slopes was a virtual climatic world tour, from the tropics to the Arctic. It was such a treat! ~Lumi


Private Personal Training / Duo Training / Small Group

Travis is awesome! I have been working with him for over 9 months now. In that course of time I have lost over 45 pounds and gone from the inability to do most types of exercises to being able to hold my own in a boot camp setting. I am so proud of the changes that I've seen in myself! When I started this "body makeover" I sat down with Travis and told him what my lifestyle goals were. He gave me some great ideas, researched my diet plan and set me up on a training program to help me reach my goal. Along the way he has challenged me, supported me and cheered me on. I feel so blessed to have found such a great trainer!


Family Training / Duo Training / Private Personal Training / Sports Performance

Travis Grosjean is an AWESOME trainer for our family. My 13-yr-old son started working with him to get ready for football, and then I joined and sometimes our whole family of four is able to train together. He makes it fun and changes the workout each time, so it's never boring and the time flies by. Travis is very knowledgeable about health and fitness! Our family is fortunate to have found him!


Private Personal Training / Family Training

I have worked out lifting weights for the last 30 years, did p90x for a couple of years and never seen the kind of results I have seen working out just 3 hours a week with Travis from Smooth Moto. I am never bored with workouts anymore because I never know what he has in store for me. I leave the gym feeling great.

Mike & Lindsay

Private Personal Training / Duo Training

In seeking out Travis, my wife and I wanted to get into shape for an upcoming vacation to Hawaii. Our goal- surfing. Travis has kept our workouts exciting and challenging. He introduced us to the TRX Suspension System and it's many benefits and incorporates it into all our workouts. Through the use of TRX, kettlebells, BOSU, and medicine balls, he is continuously challenging our core, balance & stability and strength. We have seen amazingly positive results. And, on our vacation, not only did we look and feel better, our improved balance, strength and stamina made surfing a breeze!


Small Group

I have been working out with Travis Grosjean for approximately 6 weeks. In the short time that Travis has been training me, I have seen marked improvement in many areas, most notably my strength. Travis is a dedicated trainer that pushes you to work harder and perform better, and I absolutely appreciate this about him. However, if you have any sort of injury or concern he really listens to you and has no problem modifying the prescribed workout specific to your needs. He also does an excellent job mixing up routines so that you never get bored. Travis is a knowledgeable trainer; he is clearly committed to his clients; and he has a great sense of humor during our workouts. I highly recommend Travis as a personal trainer!


High School Lacrosse / Sports Performance / Family Training / Private Personal Training / Speed Club

Travis has helped almost everyone in my family improve their health in some way. He truly cares about you and how you feel. He has helped me personally become a better person both physically and mentally.